• Yulia Alieva - founder of the brand "GRANNY'S"and the social project "RUSSIAN GRANNIES".

Our grannies from Moscow, Alla Ivanovna (62 years old), Elena Stanislavovna (58 years old) and Irina Mihailovna (62 years old) are knitting clothes for our collections.

The buttons for the PROSO cardigan and the ROZH sweater zippers are created by Elena Alekseevna (62 years old) from Moscow, and the bags which we use to pack your orders are sewn by Olga Ivanovna (68 years old) from Cheboksary, Natalia Ivanovna (74 years old) and Olga Ivanovna (64 years old) from Kaluga.

Candies like from our childhood, which we put into your orders as a present, are made by Maria Dmitrievna from Arkhangelsk.

The beaded accessories (tassels and buttons) for our products are designed by designer Daria Murashkina.

The brand is also a donor for our social project "RUSSIAN GRANNIES", which has been supporting grannies from all over Russia for several years.
The more successful the brand is, the more grannies we can work with. Making their life's more meaningful
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Наши мастерицы трудятся в своё удовольствие. Поэтому каждое изделие заряжено особой энергетикой. В связи с этим сроки изготовления могут быть 2-4 недели в зависимости от загруженности мастериц.
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